BreakBase was founded from a simple idea: everyone should be able to play their favorite games with anyone they'd like, on one simple web site. Play your childhood favorites like Four-in-a-row or Checkers with someone across the globe, or next to you in the library. Play in your house, at your desk, or on a train. Play while waiting for the doctor to finally see you. We go through great lengths to make sure you can access our games on virtually every device you have access to.

No longer are you required to register for user accounts or install whacky plug-ins with security risks to do something as simple as playing a game with a friend on the Internet. Our site runs entirely on standardized HTML and Javascript – all you need is a semi-modern web browser and you’ve got the ability to compete against anyone you’d like – without the annoying setup or cleanup required.

On our site, it’s not required to clear an entire block out of your schedule to play a game. Got a meeting in 20 minutes? No problem, get back to the game later. We can wait. About to go catch a movie? Go for it! We’ll be here when you get back. You don’t need to coordinate navigation to the same “server” (whatever that means to you) just so you can play against someone you already have means of contacting. Simply share a link with your friend, and they’re in the game. It’s really that simple.

We’re committed to making a social gaming experience that works around your schedule the way that you use the Internet – not the other way around.

We hope that you’re as excited about this revolution in the social gaming experience as we are, and we look forward to becoming the number one destination for social gaming.

Brian O’Connor
Founder, BreakBase.com

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